2016 BMW M4 vs 2016 C63 in Granby.

October 04 2016, Mercedes-Benz Granby

2016 BMW M4 vs 2016 C63 in Granby.

In the universe of luxury sedans, two stand out for sale in Estrie, the 2016 C63 and the 2016 M4. Therefore, when you look at the Car Guide, you can quickly see that the Mercedes-Benz represents the better choice compared to the BMW. In fact, the experts attributed an appreciation rating of 90% to the C63 while the M4 has to make due with a meagre 70%.

Equipped with a V8 bi-turbo 4L engine the 2016 Mercedes C63 in Sherbrooke and Ste-Julie can attain a phenomenal power of 469 horsepower. For its part, despite its having 6-cylinders, the engine of the 2016 BMW M4 in Brossard can only produce 425 horsepower.

This additional strength allows the Mercedes-Benz cabriolet to accelerate with a capital A, giving you the impression that you’re flying all the way to Montreal’s South Shore. In fact, it only needs 4,1 seconds to go from 10 to 100km/h, while the M4 takes 4,5 seconds. With such performances, it’s hard to believe that the C63 is offered at a price that is lower than that of the 2016 M4.

In fact, in the Eastern Townships, you’ll find it at less than $ 74 800 compared to $ 76 000 for the M4.

To resume, far be it for us to say that the 2016 M4 for sale in Brossard, Ste-Julie and Bromont is a bad car. Simply, it doesn’t compare with the powerful 2016 Mercedes C63for sale near Montreal’s South Shore in Estrie. Since this last one is stronger and more reliable than its rival, while still being less expensive, it’s the better purchase for sure.

To get the incredible ferociousness of its V8 for yourself in the Eastern Townships, head over to Granby Mercedes-Benz for a test-drive today. You’ll have the chance to meet an exceptional team that will inform you about all the Mercedes promotions so that you can make a good choice. Stop by our credit department to find out more about our Mercedes financing that pleases thousands every year.

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